Send us demos!

You can send us demos via email with a Soundcloud link, or Dropbox or whatever. Please note that we do not read messages in the Soundcloud inbox.

How do we handle demos

When demos come in, we check first: has it been sent exclusively to us or to a small circle of labels. We don’t listen to demos that are sent impersonally to a large number of recipients. For us it is important that you really want to send us your music.

Usually we listen to the demos on our laptops or smartphones first. So the quality is not so important at first, but the idea of the tracks. If we like a track, we get in touch with you and talk about details, mixdown, mastering, etc. We don’t check demos in the club or anything, so it’s absolutely fine to send us raw, unmastered versions of your track ideas.

Usually the senders of demos know our label and send us their tracks because they might fit. Our sound is usually somewhere between deep house, dub and deep techno. We don’t really give it a label. We call it techno and house. It’s more about the vibe that 200 Records tracks have. So if you think your downtempo or ambient tracks or whatever would fit us, feel free to send us tracks like that!

We hope this helps you send us tracks that really suit us!